Saturday, March 7, 2009

Inaugural Pontoon Trip

The start of spring fly fishing never really seems to be official until you can float that first trip out with the pontoon. It doesn't much matter to me if it is a river or a lake, I just get that crazy urge to get the boat out on the water. Although there appeared to be an ominous storm to the west, I managed to get out on one of the plains lakes to test the pontoon and shake of the winter rowing rust that forms after so many days away from the oars. The storm never hit but the temperatures were below freezing. Ice was forming in the guides all day but it all seemed to be worth it. After finding where I thought the fish would be holding on the outside edge of a surprisingly large early March weed line, the day lit up with non-stop action for rainbows. The best fish of the day went 19 inches with quite a few 17 and 18 inch'ers in the net as well. I had one that tail walked and put on quite a show. A few others were leapers, but most of the trout bulldogged hard for the weed line and really fought well for the early season just after ice off. The trout did rather well through the winter, as there wasn't a snaky fish among the entire lot. The chop was just right for nymphing with midges and the bite was hot. A great start to the pontoon season.

Fresh snow and I was the first one on the lake

Some of the better rainbows on the day


Brandon said...

I'm glad you found the fish. Gotta love catching some lunkers when you are freezing to death. Isn't it crazy to think that you are on a pontoon boat ABOVE water and it is below zero and somehow tha water below you is warmer than the air?

It's good to see someone getting out - because that someone isn't me.

E Dub said...

Nice bows. What lake were you on, what time of day, what flies were you using, how deep, what kind of retrieve, and what kind of pontoon? That's all.