Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Slow Windy Evening

The winds of the last few days along with a Monday snowstorm have kept me off the water all weekend. It was painful to say the least. We had 60+ mph gusts which shut down my desire to attempt anything involving a fly rod. I did manage to tie some hot head leeches and a few varied midge patterns during the forced downtime. This evening the wind was still out but tolerable so I got a little water time after work. Not too much going on with the water churned up and off color from the recent weather but I did manage to hook and fight a couple rainbows. Midges were taken by the fish I found but it was definitely slow, so I switched it up to some bugger patterns for a while with no interest from the fish. It felt nice to be out and I stopped for a hot coffee on the way home to take the edge off the wind chill in my light windbreaker. I will remember my warm hat next time.

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