Saturday, May 29, 2010

Getting the Drifty Wet

Adam pulled the drift boat out for the first time this year and we inaugurated it on some stillwater browns and cutthroats. Any sort of moving water is completely blown out and we both enjoyed a day of anchored up stillwater trout on the fly. The day started with us launching the boat in the midst of a cattle drive. The rancher was moving the cows from one field to another and Adam got stuck right in the middle of it. After the cows passed, we parked the vehicle and set out in the boat. The drift boat is a great platform on lakes and it gives you ample space for many food and drink luxuries. We enjoyed a nice selection of microbrews throughout the day and had a wonderful time fighting many trout on midge patterns. Once we would dial in depth it was fairly constant action with a few lulls between hatches. Things did slow a bit in the afternoon as the late day hatch never seemed to materialize. We were taking sporadic fish but not the heavy action of earlier in the day. Eric came out in his pontoon and fished a few hours with us too. It was a bit chilly with the wind but enough sun was around to give Adam a bit of a sunburn. The sunscreen sitting in the car didn't do him much good without remembering to apply it. The fish were mostly younger year class brown trout in the 13-15 inch range with a few larger fish mixed in to 18 inches through the day. We also found a few cutthroats and the first snake river finespotted cutthroats of the year for me. I didn't get any of size but Adam and Eric both had some decent cutts at various times.

Adam blocked by cows

Eric sets up using the Toyota as a cattle shield

It was a nice sized herd

First fish of the day - standard sized brown trout

Adam battling away

Adam with a decent cutt

My best of the day was this beautiful brown

This scene went on all day

Adam found this better brown

Afternoon storm that never quite hit us

Beer, sun, and a sore arm finally took its toll on Adam


The Flash said...

Nice report Sam, come visit us on the blog sometime.


very cool! Sam,

Those drift boats are wonderful! I have several experience on my friend's boat last few years... and they really give a feel of voyage : )