Friday, November 6, 2009

Typical Wyoming Weather

Having taken Friday off work to fish, I was planning on a nice leisurely day of floating the plains lakes and catching some nice fall rainbows, on the feed to fatten up before winter. I neglected to check the wind ratings for Friday and was informed of them from my friend Shoe, as he sent me an email on Thursday night citing the wind as the reason I wouldn't be seeing him on Friday. It was probably a good decision on his part. I, however, persevered and headed out into the 50 mph gusts that typified the majority of my day off. Floating was entirely out of the question so I opted to check a lake I could fish off the dam with the wind at my back. This proved fruitless as it was still ICED from the storm last week.

I sincerely thought it would be open water fishing. It was a surprising development and it sent me home to collect my waders and boots and head to another lake I had reports on being actually open. It was whitecapping and blowing like crazy but I got around the back side of it and with the wind at my back I worked the shallow weed beds looking for rainbows. One nice rainbow fell for the PT but that was about it on the indicator rig.

After this, I watched some muskrats briefly while checking out their dens. They had 6 or 7 of these built in the inlet shallows.

Switching over to a brown bugger provided a vicious take on the first cast, right on splash down, but the trout was able to throw the fly and leave me wondering. After that I casted in vain for a while longer finally deciding to pick up some trash to leave the lake a little better than I found it, and departed satisfied that I had made a go of it in the rough and unfortunately typical Wyoming wind.

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