Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Clear Water Hookups

The cold snap the last two days really dropped the water levels and cleared up visibility to crystal clear conditions. I stalked the browns as carefully as I could be they could see me coming more times than not. I hooked up with three small browns and scared out about 5 or 6 more fish from lies. I would work to them when I could but they were skittish. A large heron left as I walked down to the water's edge so they may have been getting other fishing pressure that was a bit more lethal than my small bugger. I was able to spot two muskrats and a couple snipe today as well. Snipe sure can startle you when you walk up on them and they flush!

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cool photo!
I wish we have more snow down here.
I agree, the snipe is a interesting creature. I love seeing them in the field, and their feather can tie some really good wetflies as well... : )