Sunday, July 31, 2011

Day On The River

Adam and I had a day to explore the river with the flows dropping and bugs popping.  Mayflies and stoneflies were coming off with regularity throughout the day.  It seemed we should be able to find some willing trout and we did bring a few to the net, but it was a bit baffling how the fishing was slower than expected.  It didn't matter much to us as we soaked up the river time after the long wait for the water levels to drop in our area.  After some of the meandering lower stretches, we headed into the canyon in search of a few more brown trout.  Everything in this river carved swath of rock seemed to be blooming and flowers and colors dotted the slopes along the trail.  After a couple of hours working the water, the blackness of a sudden afternoon storm edged over the top of the canyon wall and with the dark clouds and a clap of thunder we hightailed it back upstream to the safety of the car and enjoyed a cold microbrew.

A nice river bend that held trout

The browns we did find were beautifully patterned

Fishing the big rocks of the canyon entrance

Big flows subsiding in late July

Canyon cactus in full bloom

A promising run before the arrival of the storm

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