Saturday, August 1, 2009

Up High For Brookies

Eric and I were looking to get into the high country on Saturday but were indecisive on location. The trouble with this time of year is the overabundant number of lakes to choose from in the high mountains. We finally made a selection on Friday evening, left a voice mail for Floyd where we were going to head, and anxiously waited for Saturday morning to get started on the trail. We went in overland through some impressive amounts of snow that are still clinging on at altitude. It was chilly with a constant wind all day. I was glad I brought my fleece and windbreaker/rain shell along as both got plenty of use. After arriving at our destination lake, the brook trout were cooperative and readily pounced on the hot head leech I was offering. Eric did equally well up top with a red humpy. Floyd found us in the afternoon and got in on the action too. After the satisfying brookies we tried a cutthroat lake on the way out but could not hook up with any of these wily trout. A relaxing hike out and the day seemed to be over all too quickly. I need to find more time for the high country this summer before fall is upon us and it starts to close up with cold and snow once again.

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