Friday, August 14, 2009

South Park Goodness

I headed into South Park for a shot at some big reservoir rainbows and to test out my new waders. With an early start, I was on the water in the calm of the morning and started working with a callibaetis and midge indicator set up. There wasn't much going on for the first hour or so but the waders tested out well and there were no problems on that front. At this point a boat approaches and it's MW and SP up for the morning fishing and they are into fish as is usually the case. They invited me aboard and whisked me across the lake to a hot location that seemed to be chocked full of healthy rainbows with a few cutthroats mixed in as well. These two guys have this place down to a science and it was a real treat to watch them work the water. I learned a ton about this place just listening to them and observing. They also had a great private reserve of fine beers along with lunch that they readily shared with me. I can't thank them enough for such a fun outing. It was quite luxurious compared to my normal day of wade fishing. Scott had the fish of the day, a beautiful rainbow which he lovingly romanced through the art of dance. Definitely a great day on the water that I will always remember. Thanks guys once again for showing me the ropes and a great day out. The only strange thing that happened was having my Midarbor reel fail after putting a trout on it. I am not sure what happened but the drag gave up the ghost after landing the fish and the reel will have to go back to Orvis for repair or replacement.

On the way home I stopped at Florissant Fossil Beds and hiked the Petrified Forest Loop trail as well as checked out the visitor center. It is quite a place with the giant petrified redwood stumps and the story behind their formation. If you are ever in the area I highly recommend stopping and checking it out.

The Rainbow Dance

Pictures from the day
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