Saturday, October 13, 2012

Evening On The Dam

I headed out this evening after things warmed up around here.  We had a bit of snow this morning and rain, then managed to get into the mid 50's around 3pm.  So I went out and threw the sinking line near the dam. The weather was decent on arrival and I was on the water about 4pm, a little wind but patchy skies and even sun now and then.

 No apparent schools of any kokanee visible that I could see tonight.  I had a couple hits then a huge brown breached out of the water in casting distance.  Within a couple casts of seeing that brown, I ended up with a kokanee following my bugger and leech combo and take the leech within rod tip length right in front of me.  Never did find that brown, it was the only leaper I saw too.

After this, the winds came up strong and I was surf fishing.  These were much higher waves than yesterday. I had to cinch down my wader top drawstring as they were crashing up above the edge of my breathables.  Sometimes I would jump as the roller came in to stay above it.  It worked and I stayed relatively dry.

The storm was approaching as I worked back across the dam. If it hit quickly I could make it to the vehicle fast enough to avoid the drenching that Shoe and I took on Friday.

 Finally I struck a trout, a nice hen rainbow that fought well and finally came to the net.

Once the drizzle started I was up the hill in a flash and headed for home.  Here's the approaching storm that proceeded to wet down the Pokes as they lost by 1 point to AFA.

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