Saturday, April 2, 2011

Brutal Wind = Muddy Lake

Knowing that a big storm was coming our way on Sunday, I took a last ditch afternoon trip to the plains lakes outside of town in the hopes of a little action on the fly. I knew the winds were bad, gusting to 65 mph. I just had to try as everything other than the wind was cooperating. It was in the mid 60's for temperature. I got to the lake and a few others were out including Nick and his friend Sarah. Nick said he was able to get one trout as they were on their way out. I continued to work the water as best as possible with the wind at my back and sitting down which kept me sheltered from the pounding gusts. I wasn't able to find any fish, and when the mud finally worked the entire dam to a frothy brown, I departed.

Muddy water everywhere
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