Saturday, March 5, 2011

Open Water Found

Running some errands out of town, I decided to bring the fly rod along and just scout a couple lakes at lower elevation. The thinking was that maybe some of them would have some fishable water. Sure enough, I was able to locate a little open water on the southern end of a suburban lake and I decided to give it a shot. I was the only one out there with a fly rod and the couple of ice fisherman at the other end had to think I was crazy. I got some steady takes on the hot head leech but only hooked and landed a few in the cold wind. All rainbows of the stocker variety but still rather uplifting to get some action on the fly rod on open stillwater. I'll take my first open lake fish on March 5th any year I can pull it off.

Open water with Canadian Geese and Mallards enjoying the lake

My first two open water fish of the season

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Wow... beautiful lake! I really need to go out and fish!