Sunday, August 1, 2010

Kicking In The Rain

I was anxious to try for some big rainbows on top water at dusk and foolishly ignored all the signs of a large valley rainstorm that was pummeling the area this evening. While telling myself it would clear, I packed up the vehicle with the float tube and a couple rods to go find a rainbow willing to take a big cicada or hopper up on top.

After arriving at the lake, it was obvious the storm wouldn't pass by anytime soon, so I made a run at it and fished from the tube while finning through the storm. It was a light rain most of the time and did eventually break near dusk for about half an hour. I thought it would trigger a good bite, but nothing ever materialized. I couldn't raise anymore than one splashy take on dries and nothing on the typical nymph setup. I did get plenty of exercise searching the lake for active fish.

A shot of the sun briefly breaking through the storm overhead
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