Sunday, June 6, 2010

Midge Hatch In The Tube

The float tube seemed like the perfect way to spend the day on a Sunday that was warm enough to require sunscreen with nothing but a light jacket backup in case of rain. I hit the water around 9:00am and was rewarded with a terrific midge bite that continued into the early afternoon. I managed a few rainbows in the 22 inch range and one fish that hit the 23 inch mark. That is the best trout I have seen from this particular lake this year and bodes well for the fall. All the fish were fat, gluttonous feeders and tremendous fighters. I only had two fish under 18 inches all day. Also, I found my first decent sized cutthroat from the stocked fish a couple of seasons back. That was nice to see here as well. Eric met up with me on the lake for the action and stayed until the big storm blew through causing us to retreat to the cars. I went back out after the storm but the fish had turned off. Satisfied with my day, I headed home and found piles of hail in town and at the house. We were lucky to just be on the edge of the storm at the lake.

A few of the better rainbows

Release video of rainbow

Bear River Cutthroat Trout

The incoming storm that dropped lightning and hail across the valley
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