Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sliver Of Stillwater

I took a beautiful walk and wade along the river greenbelt today, casting to different holes and generally scouting the condition of the iced out portion through town. There wasn't a whole lot going on fishing wise. I did talk to another fisherman that had some luck the day earlier on buggers, but I couldn't move any river fish today.

Anxious to check out some lakes for any open water, I headed to the plains and found an opening on one lake accounting for maybe 5% of the surface area. It was enough to cast into and I proceeded to get into some decent hold over rainbows starting with the first cast. The wind had picked up out here in the flat, open country but the fishing was rewarding enough to fight it and find the first stillwater trout of the year.

First open stillwater fish of the year

This poor guy had fin clips and tail damage but fought like a champ

This was the last trout of the day and perhaps the prettiest colors I have ever seen from this lake on a rainbow
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