Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sunday On The Ice

A windless Sunday in southeastern Wyoming is a rare bird indeed. George and I took advantage of the forecast calling for calm winds and sunny skies and had a beautiful day on some local hardwater. Temps topped out in the 20s but with the ice shack's passive solar and no wind to speak of, it felt great out there. We found a decent amount of rainbow trout in the 14 inch range with a couple nicer fish interspersed to keep things interesting. Shoe met up with us in the morning and did very well on the rainbows before moving on in search of perch elsewhere in the valley. I decided to keep one of the smaller rainbows for dinner which turned out to be a very delicious idea. Oven baked fresh rainbow trout after a day on the ice was the perfect ending to a wonderful day afield.

A nice trout George landed

My better rainbow for the day

Another pretty rainbow George is releasing
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