Sunday, August 24, 2008

Solo High Country Nirvana

A trip into the high country to meet some friends that were overnighting turned into a solo adventure of epic fly fishing. Perhaps the best day I will have this season given the great fishing conditions I encountered. Upon arriving at the first lake, I built out the 3 weight rod as the water appeared to be whitecapping. I could see there was a storm approaching but the wind was not heavy enough to cause waves. I then realized I had walked into the middle of a flying ant fall. The "whitecaps" were all fish frantically smashing the ants. The lake surface was completely covered with feeding fish gobbling thousands of ants. I managed to shred a humpy into nothing but floss on fish after fish hammering the fly. After that I switched to a renegade, which worked well until the ant fall started to taper off and the rain began to fall. The rest of the day was continual subsurface action on leeches.

As evening's waning light began creating long shadows it was time to begin towards the trailhead, but with a quick stop for half an hour of casting dries on a lake containing naturally reproducing bear river cutthroat trout. A few came to hand and I packed up and headed out under the sunset painted sky.

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