Saturday, March 29, 2008

Purple Laces

A fly fishing trip in 50 mph wind gusts is not usually the smartest thing to do, but Shoe and I were looking for the first stillwater trip of the year and decided we would fish with the wind at our backs at a lake we were certain was iced out. It was fishing well two weeks earlier at this time in 2007. When we pulled up and saw the lake 100% solid ice, it was a realization that the winter had been a little harsher than either of us imagined. Determined to find fish, we traveled to the river where open water was assured and managed to have a nice day. Wildlife was everywhere... mule deer, bald eagles, cranes, dippers, and the first robins I have seen this year. A mostly brown trout day with a smattering of rainbows for Shoe made for a nice time in the wind. Dead drifting leeches seemed to do the trick. My left boot finally gave up on this trip, with the sole separating from the upper. Didn't have enough duct tape on hand to fix it so I just had to live with it. Maybe I need magic purple laces like Shoe.

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